John Whitcroft Solicitor - Accidents/Assaults in Prisons

I have successfully represented prisoners who have had accidents in prison due to the negligence of the prison authority.  Just because you may be serving time in a prison does not mean that you have no right to compensation.  If you have had an accident through the fault of the prison or prison staff, you are entitled to bring a claim for compensation for your personal injuries and losses you have suffered against the Home Office.  You have three years within which to bring a claim although you should not wait this long as the sooner the better in terms of collecting evidence to support your claim. 

I can act for you under a no win/no fee agreement.  I will make no deduction from your compensation.

You may have been injured while at work in the prison or you may have fallen.  Accidents can occur in many different ways.  As long as your accident was the fault of the prison you can bring a claim. 

I have also acted for sex offenders who have been attacked by other prisoners where the prison have previously failed to segregate or place them in a vulnerable person’s unit (VPU) for their own protection.  Where a prisoner has been convicted of sexual offences they should be in a VPU for their own protection.  If they are not, it is foreseeable that they will be attacked by other prisoners.  The prison authorities know this and may be held liable if they fail in their duty to protect a vulnerable prisoner. 

I am also acting for prisoners who have fallen from the upper bunk in their cell and injured themselves due to the absence of guard rails.

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