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Passengers injured in car accidents will usually succeed in their claim for compensation.  As quite clearly they were not driving, the accident could not in any way have been caused by them.  Either the driver they were with or some other driver involved in the accident will usually be held responsible.  A passenger can sue their own driver where he/she is at fault even though the driver may be their partner, parent or some other family member.  Their insurers will be responsible for dealing with the claim and paying out any compensation.  You should therefore not hesitate to bring a claim where the accident was the fault of your partner or other family member.  If a child has been injured, their other parent or guardian can assist them in bringing the claim against the parent who was driving. 

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Passenger Accidents

If you were not wearing your seat belt at the time of the accident and are worried about whether you can bring a claim, please go to Seat Belts.

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