Accident at Work

There are many ways in which an employer may be held responsible for an injury suffered by an employee in the course of their employment. Broadly, they fall into the following categories:

1. Breach of a regulation. – Breach of a regulation no longer automatically results in liability for an employer but it may provide evidence that the employer has been negligent.

2. Defective or inadequate equipment.

3. Unsafe access.

4. Failure to provide adequate training.

5. Failure to enforce those rules and regulations which do exist.

6. An employer may be held vicariously liable for the negligent conduct of another employee who causes an accident.


If you have had an accident or suffered an injury you should make sure to report it as soon as you can as sometimes employers may deny that you have had an accident in the course of your employment with them.

Sometimes it may not always be possible to report your accident immediately as the severity of your injuries may require you to go immediately to the hospital.  Sometimes Clients are hesitant to bring a claim against their employers but by law, all employers must have insurance and usually it is their insurers who will deal with any claim.

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