Dog Attack Claim

Generally, in order to succeed in a dog attack claim, one has to be able to prove that the keeper of the dog was aware before the assault upon you that their dog was dangerous. Sometimes the keeper may admit that there had been previous incidents but where they do not, then it is important to obtain evidence elsewhere to show that the animal was known to be aggressive. Sometimes there may have been previous complaints to the police.


I have successfully represented Claimants after taking Witness Statements from other neighbours in the neighbourhood. On one occasion I obtained a statement from an ex-postal delivery woman. Interestingly, her previous employers, Royal Mail, did not want her to assist but when she left Royal Mail she was willing to help.


Sometimes Claimants may feel hesitant about suing someone who is their neighbour. However, on many occasions the keeper of the dog will have insurance through their home contents or building insurance policy so that they will not have to personally pay. The compensation you receive will come from their insurers.

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