Chrissy Panagi

“I cannot thank John enough for the service he has provided over the last five years dealing with a very stressful personal injury case. Throughout the entire process John has been professional, friendly and kept me informed of the progress at every opportunity. John has been incredibly patient and gone above and beyond what I would have expected. I am extremely grateful for all of the work he has done and would happily recommend John to anyone looking for a personal injury solicitor they can trust.”

S Williams

“Just a quick note to say how please I was with you in dealing with my case. I was very satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend you to others.

Once again thank you very much,”

Joan Worlock

“Following an accident in 2007, I made various enquiries with the claim companies advertising on TV and in the press. Unfortunately, they required me to do all the work i.e. draw diagrams, take photos and complete loads of paper work, none of these companies were ‘local’ and business would have been conducted by post and telephone a completely faceless procedure.

Having rejected this route I contacted a ‘local’ solicitor John Whitcroft, and within 24 hours John had visited me, taken photos and completed statements in fact he had everything under control, which made me feel very confident. I had not a thing to do and John kept me informed every step of the way advising when the need arose. He eventually was able to negotiate twice as much damage as originally offered.

It is without hesitation that I would highly recommend John Whitcroft and add what a thoroughly, pleasant fellow he is to deal with.”


“I would like to say a big thank you for representing me in my road traffic accident claim. You kept me fully updated with progress throughout and I am extremely happy with the financial statement. I would certainly recommend you to my friends and colleagues should they ever need a solicitor.

Kind Regards,”

Louise Edwards

“I am writing this letter in appreciation and thanks for accepting my case after it was declined by another firm.

Your work has been highly professional and you have been a very strong representative with my delicate case. Without your full support and expertise it is unlikely I would have received such a fair settlement.

I would have no hesitation to recommend you to anybody who needs legal assistance.”

Neo Pavlou

” I am unable to express the gratitude I feel in the service you have provided me.

Following my accident I was advised to seek legal advice and was apprehensive at first – I really didn’t want to complicate my life with long and drawn out legal matters. However after contacting yourself I felt immediately comfortable and relieved that I no longer had to worry about what to do. You have been very understanding from day one and have kept me informed every step of the way. I really appreciate your thorough investigations on my behalf and attention to detail and for making the initially daunting process extremely easy to me.

Above all I am thrilled with the compensation achieved and outcome of this case, justice has been served. I will be highly recommending your services to everyone I know. If you ever need me to provide a reference to any of your clients – I would be more than happy to do so.

Once again a huge thank you. “


“I would like to thank you for the cheque received, which was Gratefully banked. If at any time in the future I need assistance I will not hesitate to call on your services again and would recommend your service to my friends and family without hesitation I hope in the very near future I call in and thank you in person. Thank you once again.”

Christopher Gladwell

“I totally recommend John Whitcroft. He has been supportive, friendly, available and a highly effective advocate on my behalf. John not only gets the job done but also offers such superb personal service. If you are looking for an advocate who is much more than a faceless suit in a big company, John is your man. Having John Whitcroft as my solicitor has made a difficult situation so much more manageable.”

John Hazell

“Just a few lines to say many thanks for the money you were able to get me for my claim, also a big thank you for the advice you gave me whilst pursuing my claim this was in person and many phone calls. Once again thank you and good luck for the future. You never know. If help is needed I would not hesitate to get in contact with you.”

Celia Jakes

“Contacting you after being recommended by one of your already successful clients my claim was dealt with determination and reassurance that I had a case of negligence and injury after a bad fall in a large Supermarket store.

My claim was settled satisfactory with a happy conclusion for me.”

Gordon Upton

“I am especially grateful to you for the efficient way you conducted my case to a successful conclusion, because originally, on impulse I contacted a advertisement which is frequently on television who put me onto a firm solicitors who were not even in my part of the country and to whom I sent photocopies of all the relevant information things I had done so far. They acknowledged this, but not receiving anything from them for about a month, I rang them up and asked to speak to the woman who was dealing with it, and was told she was out sick, and when I asked if I could be put onto the person dealing with it in her absence was informed that there was no other person involved. I then asked to speak to the person at the head of the firm who found my file in a draw untouched. After a conversation with him, he apologised for the delay and said he would put all the correspondence etc that I had sent, in to an envelope and return it to me.

I saw your address in the phone book, and the rest is history. You got on with it, even coming to see me at home when I was unable to get out, and also taking photographs of the area in which my accident occurred, so once again I thank you for all the effort you put in on my behalf bringing my case to a successful conclusion, If I need any help in the future, I will most certainly be contacting you, and wish you well. “

Paul de Vere

“I couldn’t recommend John enough. Very professional and experienced injury solicitor who fought my case for compensation after falling and breaking my elbow at work.”

Lee Cottrell

“When I had my accident at work I wanted to find a local solicitor to whomI could speak and feel comfortable with. I did not want to go to a large firm of solicitors as I did not want to be just another number. John dealt with me personallt and got me a settlement quite quickly with which I was pleased. I would recommend John to anyone wishing to bring a claim.”

Rebecca Matthews

“I was involved in an accident which was not my fault. Although this was the case the other party involved had a dispute with the insurance company this meant I had to pay my excess because I was a young driver this cost me £600. It was recommended to me that I have a meeting with John Whitcroft to discuss my options for reclaiming the excess. When I first met with John he was very sympathetic for the situation I had incurred.


He explained my options to me and told me what I was entitled to do. I then decided to proceed with the claim against the other insurer as this was a very traumatic time for me John made the case as stress free as possible, always keeping me up to date with any developments and helping me as much as possible in decision making. As a result I have now been offered £6000 in compensation. I could not have done this without the help of John Whitcroft.”

David Barron

I first approached John Whitcroft some years ago after searching for a ‘reliable solicitor in Bristol’ via an internet search station. True to the internet result John Whitcroft has not only been reliable but also incredibly thorough, professional, productive, extremely competent and very astute with legal proceedings.

Recently, I contacted John Whitcroft for a second time following an absolutely incredible claim settlement some years previous. With Mr Whitcroft pursuing my first claim I had high expectations, although I was astounded when he concluded that I will receive more than three times my anticipated settlement. This gave me reason to ask John Whitcroft to represent me recently and again he delivered with a very satisfactory outcome.

I would strongly advise anyone who wishes to be represented by a well mannered, professional solicitor who delivers to contact John Whitcroft. I will personally always recommend him to my friends and family.

Chris & Lucy

“Myself and Lucy would to thank you for your support and advice you have provided us with since we first met you over what was a very emotional and difficult time for us.

We thank you for all your hard work, professionalism in resolving our case.

We will have no hesitation recommending you to friends and colleagues.”

Kinds Regards,

Tim Ransome

“Now that we have come to a conclusion, I would like to thank you for the outstanding service you have provided me for the duration of my motor accident claim.

It was unfamiliar territory for me to understand and deal with on my own. But i felt that i had the basis to make a good base based on the circumstances of the accident. On my initial phone call to you, it become clear I had contacted the right person.

An accident can be very stressful, and with your help that was lifted immediately. You clear and informative emails and phone calls ensured that I was kept up to date with any proceedings.

I can not stress strongly enough my appreciations for all your help. If I ever happen upon this situation again, you will be the first call I make. I will personally recommend you to any and all as I know you will continue to give you the best service. I know use specialise in a particular area, but if I could, I would appoint you for all my legal dealings!.”

Carolyn Gale

“I would like to say a very big thank you for all the help you gave me in sorting out my claim after my accident.

I would definitely recommend to anyone who has had the unfortunate event of an accident that you seek legal advice with John. I felt that John took all of the pressure of legal work away from me and was very supportive and understanding with my situation, I didn’t really have to do anything and never felt under any pressure. John gives a very personal service without being passed from person to person as you would with some larger companies.

Once again thank you very much and I am glad I chose you to deal with my claim”

A R Dye

I would like to thank you very much for acting for ,me in my compensation claim ad for bringing it to a pleasing conclusion. I am very grateful to you for your actions on my behalf and appreciate the time you have taken with all the correspondence involved.


I appreciate your constant attention in contacting me and updating me with the development of my claim and your conscientious determination in doing your best to negotiate for what I deserved. I have no hesitation in recommending my services to my circle of friends and family in the future.


“Firstly I do apologise for the lack of my language. Then I wanted to thanks John Whitcroft for all his help.

I had a car accident in 2012. Me & my passengers got some injuries such as whiplash and backache. My passengers claimed through an online Injury Panel Solicitors which had a terrible experience with this network of solicitors. After all as well as their poor service they could get my passengers just a little compensation! When I met John for the first time I could tell how helpful he is. I received almost double amount of compensation as my passengers got. John is a real professional solicitor and I will recommend him to everyone as already recommended him to some of my friends. Thank you again John.”

Scott Cartwright and Kristi Keedus

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to meet with us and to discuss Scott’s claim opportunity. Both, me and Scott found you to be a very thorough and competent professional who always has his clients’ best interests in mind. You were incredibly patient with us whilst we were explaining the complexity of our case and took time to understand all the details. We consider you to be a solid solicitor who practises nothing but the best customer service methods, has a strong eye for detail and is always reachable – the latest most valuable characteristic many solicitors lack. By the end of our session we felt well informed, a lot less forward to decision making stage. Once again we would like to sincerely thank you for all your assistance. We would highly recommend you to anyone who is in a similar situation or would like consultation and help with proceeding [with] a case.

Chris Dymock

I would also like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest gratitude for the manner in which you have dealt with my case; the clarity of your explanation of the systems involved, the regular updating of information and the way in which you guided me through the ongoing processes as they unfolded certainly eased what I initially considered would be a protracted and potentially fruitless claim and ultimately obtained an excellent result in offsetting what I had thought would be a total loss situation.